Intshona Holdings is a black women owned company, founded by Dr. Christa van Louw in 2005. Her vision has always been to empower rural women and farmworkers, through a business model which operates within the framework of NEPAD (New Partnership for Africa’s Development) Developed from grassroots level, Dr. Van Louw has created a system through which the worker is both producer and owner within the food supply chain.

Intshona Women’s Trusts

The Intshona Women’s Trust is a broad based women own empowerment vehicle, which focuses on enterprise development and education. As the beneficiaries of the Intshona Women’s Trust, these rural women are not only shareholders, but are enabled through these initiatives and learning processes.

Intshona Community Trusts

The Community Trust was established so that workers were given opportunities through job creation, shareholding and training. This gave birth to enterprise development within the communities, where the manufacturing ventures operate.